This is a list of the certificates and installation guides for our EPDM rubber membranes and roofing kits.

Installation Guides

Hertalans Installation Guide - An installation guide directly from Hertalan, this can be used as a guide for installing all our EPDM rubber membranes.

UK Flat Roofing's EPDM Membrane Roofing Quick Guide - This is a guide we have put together that works with all our membranes and the roofing kits and gutter lining kits

UK Flat Roofing Easy Trims Installation Guide - This is our installation guide for our fast, durable, easy and attractive trims

Measuring Guide - Advice on how to measure your roof, to make sure the rubber isn't to short for your job

Sure Edge Trims Guide

DuoPly Installation Guide

Elastathane25 Installation Guide

Quick Hertalan and UK Green Roofing Installation Guide


Image Brochure- An introduction to Hertalan Roofing Systems
Roofing Systems- Information on Hertalan Roofing systems and products.
Damp Proof Course Systems- Information on Hertalan DPC systems, including Hertalan S and Hertaled, lead alternative which can be used to make all structures waterproof and windproof.

RESTRIX Green Roofing

ClassicBond EPDM Brochure
ClassicBond Water Based Adhesive Brochure
ClassicBond Contact Adhesive Brochure
ClassicBond 3 inch Secure Tape
ClassicBond 9 inch Uncured Flashing
ClassicBond EPDM Primer 

DuoPly Brochure

Elastathane25 Brochure

Roof Lights

Em-Dome Roof Lights Brochure
Em-Dome Roof Lights Price List Brochure

Em-Glaze Roof Lights Brochure
Em-Glaze Roof Lights Price List Brochure

Data Sheets

Pressuriesed KS205 Canister Spray System - This brochure gives details of the KS205 contact adhesive spray canister

Hertalan KS137 Data Sheet

Hertalan KS96 Data Sheet

FG35 Primer Data Sheet


ClassicBond Date Sheet 
ClassicBond Primer Data Sheet
ClassicBond Contact Adhesive Data Sheet
ClassicBond Water Based Adhesive Data Sheet

Elastathane25 Data Sheet

Fire Certificates

ClassicBond 1.2mm EN13501 Roof B
ClassicBond 1.2mm BS476 EXT F AB
ClassicBond 1.5mm EN13501 Roof B
ClassicBond 1.5mm BS476 EXT F AA

Certificates and Research Information

SKZ Life Span Research - Indipendant confirmation on the 50+ year life span of Hertalan EPDM

Hertalan BBA Certificate - Hertalan Roofing Systems have BBA certification which covers both Easy Cover and Easy Weld roofing systems for ballasted, adhered and mechanical fixed applications.

EPDM Lifespan and Impact Research document

Resitrix SKW BBA Certificate

Resitrix BBA Certificate

ClassicBond BBA Certificate

DuoPly BBA Certificate

BBA Certificate

Dubokeur Certificate - Hertalan have been awarded this certificate which independently confirms its environmentally friendly credentials.

Komo Certificate - Hertalan Rubber Products was the first producer of EPDM membranes to gain full KOMO accreditation for all roofing systems used in the Netherlands.

ISO9001 - Hertalan Rubber Products is ISO9001 certified. ISO 9001 Certification specifies requirements for the quality management system of Hertalan Rubber Products.

ISO9001 Certificate

ISO14001 - Hertalan Rubber Products is ISO14001 certified. ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system.

ISO14001 Certificate

ATG Certificate - Hertalan have been issued with an ATG certificate for their EPDM systems for the Belgium market (nr. 07/2247)


Instalation Video