What can I install my green roof on?

  • Green roofs can go on any waterproof roof but we recommend installing it on an EPDM system as this has the best life span of any type of roofing material and its also the greenest option available.
  • Depending on how long your waterproofing materials have been on your roof its best to get it checked out. A green roof will last a long time and you are best making sure the roof is waterproof before the green roof is installed.
  • Modular green roofing systems can also be used where maintenance of the roof or its waterproofing is likely. This is because the system can be lifted as it is made from interlocking tiles.
  • Many companies will suggest using pond liners. The appeal is that they are cheap but they also are very thin compared to an EPDM designed for roofing. They also don't have BBA certificates which is what ensures a product has been independently tested to last and work with a green roof. If you want more information on BBA certificates see our blog post here - BBA Blog Post on EPDM
  • With any waterproof layer you will need to install a protective fleece first. This not only protects the waterproof layer but also keeps the substrate from washing away into the gutters.

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Green roof installed with HERTALAN EPDM


Modular green roof system