How will my Green Roof or GrufeKit be delivered?

  • Once you have ordered your Green Roof or GrufeKit, it will be delivered directly to site in time for you to install it.
  • We will inform you on delivery dates once the order has been processed. 
  • Delivery of sedum and wildflower blankets will only be delivered on Tuesday through to Friday. We will work with you to arrange the best time for delivery. We do this to ensure the vegetation layer is in the best condition.
  • The method of transport will depend on the size of the project. They are normally delivered on a pallet or in pallet loads and can sometimes arrive with different couriers on different days. We do this to make our prices the lowest we can so if you want everything to turn up at the same time please let us know before we quote you.
  • It is advised that you have your fleece, drainage layer, substrate and trims ready for the sedum to be delivered and installed / planted on the same day as delivery. If you can't install it all in one day. Lay the sedum or wildflower mats out and keep them watered.
  • Please advise us of any narrow roads or off loading problems that might occur. All deliveries will use large lorries unless specified. Sometimes large lorries can struggle getting to all locations. If your road is narrow or difficult to get to with a large lorry please advise us so we can arrange an alternative delivery vehicle for you. 
  • Failure to do so may result in having to arrange a re-deliver which will cost or it being delivered further away from your property than is ideal.   

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