Sedum Plus Blanket

This is the ideal choice for lightweight extensive green roofs. It is drought tolerant and therefore needs only a shallow substrate layer 50mm (minimum) 70mm (recommended). It is also suited to situations that need low growing plants and minimal maintenance.

These sixteen varieties of sedum offer a huge variety of colour and interest, as well as enhancing biodiversity. Colours range from green through to vibrant reds, oranges, purples and browns. The plants also offer many different leaf types and flowers, resulting in a blend of beautiful textures when planted together.

The sedum plus blanket comes in 1 person lift and 2 person lift rolls which are felt mats with the sedum grown into them. The sizes of the rolls are 0.6m x 2.0m and 1.2m x 2.0m. You can ask for either system to be delivered.

The sedum plus blankets can be delivered Tuesday to Friday and if you can't arrange to fit it on that day then a place needs to be cleared for the sedum blanket to sit flat and be looked after. i.e. watered especial in the summer months.

Sedum Stoloniferum - 20cm, pink starshaped flowers, red stems

Sedum Pulchellum
10cm, brilliant pink, rich flowering, lush green foliage

Sedum Oreganum
5cm, yellow, forms cushions, red-brown in sunlight

Sedum Montanum Jenny
20cm, golden, dark green needle-like foliage

Sedum Hybridum
15cm, golden, rich flowering, reddish stems, ever green carpet

Sedum Hispanicum
10cm, cushion plant, whitish-pink, grey-green cushions

Sedum Floriferum
10cm, golden, evergreen, create foliage

Sedum Ellacombianum
10cm, yellow, unbranched stems and scalloped leaves

Sedum Aizoon
40cm, abundant yellow star shaped flowers

Sedum Acre Oktoberfest
6cm, yellow, mat forming

Sedum Acre Yellow
6cm, yellow, mat forming

Sedum White Album
10cm, white umbel panicles

Sedum Spurium
15cm, dark pink flowers

Sedum Sexangulare
8cm, yellow, dense sweet smelling foliage

Sedum Reflexum
Crooked Yellow stonecrop - 30cm, yellow flowers with grey leaves

Sedum Telephium

40cm, dense purple-red umbels, dark stemmed, strong blue-green foliage. Attracts bees